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NMGMA Bylaws

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Nebraska Medical Group Management Association

NMGMA is an organization for medical practice management professionals located in Nebraska. It is affiliated with the national organization for professional medical group managers.

In 1973, a few Nebraska managers began meeting informally and this group formed the nucleus of the organization that would become Nebraska Medical Group Management Association. In 1976, the organization was formalized with the adoption of the first Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Ken Lange of Lincoln Clinic was the first President of the corporation.

The goals of NMGMA are as follows:

  1. The development and promotion of educational programs for members or support personnel by:
    1. conducting periodic educational meetings;
    2. providing diversified speakers in all areas which influence and affect medical group management;
    3. encourage its members to aspire to and strive for the highest personal standards in the profession of medical management.
  2. To provide a network of managers who are available to share ideas and information to help solve common problems.
  3. To increase membership in a manner that will strengthen the organization in the further achievement of its organizational objectives; and
  4. To cooperate with all other organizations having similar aims and objectives.

For the purpose of dues collection, the fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31.